Tentación Tango




Tentación Tango
Alejandro Fasanini

The vision of Buenos Aires – that is not the same city as in the past, but is still beating deep inside the heart of all of it’s children-and the search of a sonority, loyal to the rhytmhn of it’s streets but sensitive to the suggestions of contemporary classic music, becoming unique, original and personal temptation.


 Orchestra Hijos ilegítimos de Astor
Alejandro Fasanini: Composer and bandoneón, Daniela Ferrati: Piano, Giampaolo Costantini: Bandoneón, Francesca Giordanino: Violin, Aurelio Venanzi: Viola, Andrea Agostinelli: Cello, Riccardo Bertozzini: Guitar, Ivan Gambini: Percussion, Gianluca Ravaglia: Contrabass, Valeria Visconti: Voice

winners of “Festival delle orchestra” Rome-Italy with its “Tentación Tango” concert, music by Alejandro Fasanini, 2012.  



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