Alejandro Fasanini, a composer born in Argentina, founded in Italy a chamber tango orchestra. In 2010 he debuted with “Tentación Tango” and in 2013 his second album “Intuición Tango”. With both the bandoneon and multiple string instruments, the recordings are of great acoustic quality. Sometimes passionate metamorphoses appear and vibrate intensely with a sharp tone and written in unususal times. Soft and romantic is the female voice. It is a marvelous work that develops a style under the influence of Piazzolla.Continue reading

An Argentinian composer abroad has something more to say in his tangos

Twenty years ago, Alejandro Fasanini – Argentinian musician and composer – decided to leave for the continent of his ancestors. But he did not leave Argentina unaccompanied: he sailed off together with his nostalgia, and this nostalgia he sublimated into music, made it into tango. Thus, in 2010, he released some original pieces of his own, played by an orchestra that Alejandro himself put together, and which he decided to call “Hijos ilegítimos de Astor,” the “Illegitimate Children of Astor.” Astor Piazzolla, the extraordinary twentieth-century Argentinian composer and bandoneonist, is a fundamental forefather for Alejandro, whose works continue in Piazzolla’s footsteps as we can appreciate in the magnificent forms of Alejandro’s first two albums.Continue reading

Hijos ilegitimos de Astor: Tentación Tango – Modern Tango World

The rich sound of the 10-person orchestra Hijos ilegitimos de Astor (Daniela Ferrati: Piano; Giampaolo Costantini and Alejandro Fasanini: Bandoneón; Francesca Giordanino: Violin; Aurelio Venanzi: Viola; Andrea Agostinelli: Cello; Riccardo Bertozzini: Guitar; Ivan Gambini: Percussion; Gianluca Ravaglia: Contrabass; and Valeria Visconti: Voice) makes the listener smile from the beginning to the end of this 14-track album.

“Astor’s illegitimate children” see themselves as both, a traditional and a contemporary orchestra. Bandoneonist-composer-arranger Alejandro Fasanini, composer of all songs, said that his “music tries to continue the path that Astor Piazzolla left”.Continue reading

The soul of theTango between Argentina and Europe – Meeting with Alejandro Fasanini of Federica Nardacci. New Trends magazine


It is not easy to define artistically Alejandro Fasanini. His multi-facetedness, his many interests make him a complex artist, who communicates, however, simplicity and naturalness. His classical music training at the Conservatory of Buenos Aires, his studies of composition, instrumentation, the study of saxophone, guitar and bandoneón are alongside the literary interests that led him to found a publishing house in the past and a Literary magazine “El Poeta”.Continue reading


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    Plegaria para mi hermana
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Contemplación Tango


  Contemplación Tango
Alejandro Fasanini (20..)

It is possible that there is nothing to understand or prove … to let things happen.

Intuición Tango


  Intuición Tango
Alejandro Fasanini (2013)

The result of such a long creative evolution is beautifully synthesized in this second recording, “Intuición Tango”, natural development of an unusual legacy expressed in a first album, “Tentación Tango”. The last album will be “Contemplación Tango”, all belonging to the “Trilogy of Contemporary Tango” by Argentine composer Alejandro Fasanini.

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Tentación Tango




Tentación Tango
Alejandro Fasanini (2010)

The vision of Buenos Aires – that is not the same city as in the past, but is still beating deep inside the heart of all of it’s children-and the search of a sonority, loyal to the rhytmhn of it’s streets but sensitive to the suggestions of contemporary classic music, becoming unique, original and personal temptation.

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