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It is a very rare name for a group, which today already enjoys considerable attention in Europe. The central figure in the composition, as well as in charge of arrangements, is Alejandro Fasanini, who can be defined as one of the most important tango musicians of our time and, indeed, called the successor of Astor Piazzolla.Continue reading

Magazine “El tanguero” Italy

“Hijos ilegítimos de Astor” is an incredible orchestra composed by ten musicians, a contemporary sound with typical tango instruments. On the occasion of his second album “Intuición Tango”, we met the creator of the project, Argentine composer and bandoneonist Alejandro Fasanini, along with his inseparable friend and first bandoneonist Giampaolo Costantini.

At a distance of three years from the previous work “Tentación Tango” came the second album of the orchestra, “Intuición Tango”, edited by Videoradio and Rai Trade.

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Magazine “La salida” France

I believe that such compositions can be interpreted by imagination, by our ability to dream. In this CD I can perceive a certain kind of dance-vision, an extension of Piazzolla and post-Piazzolla music, a legitimate and illegitimate filiation, the recognition of the origins and a continuation over the times of this mutant urban sound.Continue reading


Welcome to Alejandro Fasanini and the “Hijos ilegítimos de Astor” Contemporary Tango Orchestra.