Alelí (Italy song)
Alejandro Fasanini (2007)
The poem, the flower, the cloud, you, the love. Everything flows and everything becomes to be itself again with all beings – animate and inanimate. Everything leads to the vision of the One, since the object of love is good and the One is the highest good, because of love can not derive more than good. We are born of love and what is born of love, love is. And if we are love, we will be born of love. “I am what you are / what you are I am also me.

Voice : ValeriaVisconti,  Andrés Langer: Piano,   Ardo Quaranta: Art, Gabrielle Bertozzi and Alejandro Fasanini: lyrics, Alejandro Fasanini: Music 
Record and Mixer: Fulvio Mennella, Naive Recording Studio de Francesco De Benedittis, Mastering: Fulvio Mennella

Winner of the “7 note”, the Italian song Festival, with jury president Gianni Bella, with the song “Un amore che non c’è” Music of Alejandro Fasanini and lyrics ok Italy poet Gabrielle Bertozzi

  • Solo l’amore

    Solo l’amore
  • Alelí




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