Approach to another tango

Approach to another tango
An impulse so intimate that we pretend to be tango without knowing that we already are.

It is a musical that is not born, it is the continuation, by diverse circumstances, of the cultural tradition of a town. A people made up of many other peoples with obvious and profound differences between them. This makes possible an approach to another tango, an expression not only in relation to a specific folklore, but also one of the most profound manifestations of the human being immersed in the world: great art, as a meeting place for all human beings.

To achieve this, Alejandro Fasanini has found an appropriate context for this approach: poetry in the form of images; The projected landscape in the dimension of the scene; The choreography combines the lines of the original folklore, and the dynamics of the contemporary dance. The music takes the essence of the original tango, but neither is it alien to the innovations of Astor Piazzolla looking for a new language difficult to classify. In this way, Approach to Tango, another does not aim at understanding the encounter with the other, or if it touches your emotions.

  Art Company Amor/al

Alejandro Fasanini: Composition and direction
Andrés Langer: Piano, Ximena Jaime: Violin, Elena Giri: Flute, Gabriele Bertozzi: Clarinet, Perikli Pite: Cello, Claudio Mangialardi, Contrabass, Elisa Ridolfi: Voice

choreography: Mayra Collazo Ortiz

Dancers: Giovanna Antonelli, Francesca Parri, Alessandra Paoloni, Ilaria Canucoli, Francesca Di Luca

Scenography:  Abel Zeltman,  costum : Petra Bartels, Actor: Giancarlo Cioppi,  Directed by : Marco Florio



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