Concert 19 Festival of Tango Granada

Concert 19 Festival of Tango Granada

Among the performances that the Isabel la Católica theater will host at the closing gala on Sunday 25th is the performance of Alejandro Fasanini, who will present Approach to another Tango, a sextet of chamber music that will base his intervention on the poetic intensity on the stage passion. Back in Italy concert & nbsp; Sala Adele Bei Palazzo Della Province Pesaro.

Alejandro Fasanini: Composer and director, Tetyana Fedevych: Violin, Stefania Gilli: Violin, Valentina Rebaudengo: Viola, Alessandro De Felice: Cello, Irene Aisemberg: Piano, Claudio Mangialardi: Contrabass, Valeria Visconti: Voice




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