WORKSHOP on MUSICALITY, held by M° Alejandro Fasanini:

Why just dance “keeping time” when you can dance with the Music?

The topics deal with the analysis of time and musical beat, the identification of the musical phrase,
and all those elements that allow us not only to “keep time”, but to dance with the music.
All this will also allow us to identify the unique style of the different orchestras as well as periods.

The lessons include a theoretical/explaining phase, followed by a practical application to the dancing.

Schools where the seminar was given: Osvaldo Roldán a Milano, Oscar y Cecilia Gauna a Cuneo, Alma Porteña a Brescia, Laboratorio Baires Tango a Torino, Mas que tango a Parma, Baires Tango a Roma, Mala yunta a Modena, Cecilia Signorelli a Milano, Giorgio Gaggiotti ad Ancona, Valerio Dardanelli a Cuneo, Compagnia Alma Rose a Milano, Ass. Abrazo a Pesaro, Estudio Tango Valencia, España, Tango Abierto Madrid, Spagna, Alejandro Sanguinetti Universo Tango Hamburgo, Festival Val Cenis, France ecc.