Voices of the soul, solid concert

Voces del alma, concierto solidal
Música, danza y poesía para las madres de Africa

The concert will be held to support the mothers and children of the maternal and child health program run by L’Africa Chiama Onlus in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

With the artistic direction of Alejandro Fasanini And the collaboration of: Anissa Gouizi – Caterina Colombaroni – Elisa Ridolfi – Yvonne Mendy – Valeria Visconti – Stefania Paterniani – Andrés Langer – Giacomo Dominici – Ivan Gambini – Stefano Fucili – Riccardo Bertozzini – Alma Gitana,  Dance company Flamenca of Lara AndrésContinue reading

Cultural Association “Abrazo”

Cultural Association “Abrazo”

For almost 15 years I had the privilege of directing the cultural association “Abrazo” of Fano-Pesaro. With her we have done many things, from courses, milongas, shows, festivals and collaborated intensely with the association “L’Africa chiama” de Fano Continue reading

Thanks to the other’s sense

  Thanks to the other’s sense
Alejandro Fasanini
” We differ, blind and seeing, one from another, not in our senses, but in the use we make of them, in the imagination and courage with which we seek wisdom beyond the senses.»(Helen Keller/ The five-sensed world, 1910)
After so many years in the field of music, dance and social psychology (operating group concept), I found myself in a dimension unknown to me until now. I was invited to perform a dance workshop, specifically “Tango”, inside a touch museum, the Museo Omero of Ancona, Italy. The work was initially intended for people with visual impairment but then extended to all with the condition of not using the sense of sight. I also had the opportunity of another brief experience on the Osimo Gold Thread with people with visually and hearing impairment contemporaneously.Continue reading

Concert 19 Festival of Tango Granada

Concert 19 Festival of Tango Granada

Among the performances that the Isabel la Católica theater will host at the closing gala on Sunday 25th is the performance of Alejandro Fasanini, who will present Approach to another Tango, a sextet of chamber music that will base his intervention on the poetic intensity on the stage passion. Back in Italy concert & nbsp; Sala Adele Bei Palazzo Della Province Pesaro.

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Approach to another tango

Approach to another tango
An impulse so intimate that we pretend to be tango without knowing that we already are.

It is a musical that is not born, it is the continuation, by diverse circumstances, of the cultural tradition of a town. A people made up of many other peoples with obvious and profound differences between them. This makes possible an approach to another tango, an expression not only in relation to a specific folklore, but also one of the most profound manifestations of the human being immersed in the world: great art, as a meeting place for all human beings.Continue reading