Six string quartets for life



  Six string quartets for life
Alejandro Fasanini (20..)

Quartets dedicated to six human beings who with Love and willpower have honored life and generating health, peace and joy in the most needy. These quartets for me are a way to say THANK YOU and hope that others like me will know and inspire you in your life.!
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   Alelí (Italy song)
Alejandro Fasanini (2007)
The poem, the flower, the cloud, you, the love. Everything flows and everything becomes to be itself again with all beings – animate and inanimate. Everything leads to the vision of the One, since the object of love is good and the One is the highest good, because of love can not derive more than good. We are born of love and what is born of love, love is. And if we are love, we will be born of love. “I am what you are / what you are I am also me.

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A rua amarela

   A rua amarela (Fado)
Alejandro Fasanini (2005)
A magical album, in Portuguese language, loaded with new sonorities and poetic images. Original music that comes from the personal journey of Alejandro Fasanini in the encounter with the Portuguese poet Carlos Martins. Yellow Street has had a particular success in its two tour in the most important theaters of Portugal. The songs are interpreted by the splendid voice of Elisa Ridolfi, characterized by the clean timbre, ductility and energy accompanied by Riccardo Bertozzini and Alejandro Fasanini.

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Reo que confiesa




Reo que confiesa (Tangos)
Alejandro Fasanini (1999)
This has been an important step for the new generation of Tango in Argentina, breaking traditional schemes while maintaining the essence and strength of traditional Tango. They are new sound horizons that brings Alejandro Fasanini author of the lyrics / music and professional dancer of Tango. Fasanini addresses the authentic feeling of Tango by providing austerity in his lyrics full of poetry. “Reo confessing” will remain timeless in the history of the Argentine new tango. Enric Urrutia
Transdisc Music

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