Reo que confiesa




Reo que confiesa (Tangos)
Alejandro Fasanini (1999)
This has been an important step for the new generation of Tango in Argentina, breaking traditional schemes while maintaining the essence and strength of traditional Tango. They are new sound horizons that brings Alejandro Fasanini author of the lyrics / music and professional dancer of Tango. Fasanini addresses the authentic feeling of Tango by providing austerity in his lyrics full of poetry. “Reo confessing” will remain timeless in the history of the Argentine new tango. Enric Urrutia
Transdisc Music

Guillermo CapocciGuitar, Bernardo Bergé voice, Marisa Vázquez voice in “Puede Ser”. 
Los 16 temas de esta producción fueron registrados por Fabio Marotta.

Buenos Aires, december 1999
The general direction of the musical outreach center certifies that Alejandro Carlos Fasanini has obtained the special mention in the item Letra t Música by the subject “Laura” in the frame of the “9 Certamen de tangos Hugo del Carril” 1999.

  • Amotinado entre tus piernas

    Amotinado entre tus piernas
  • A la cabeza Buenos Aires

    A la cabeza Buenos Aires
  • La estampita de Gardel

    La estampita de Gardel



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