TRANSFIGURATION Concert for Bandoneon and Orchestra

Concert for Bandoneóm and Orchestra – Alejandro Fasanini

The concert is divided into three large sound frescoes, each of which investigates a fundamental concept of human existence through physical and mental phenomena, an extreme synthesis of the meditative and cognitive wisdom achieved in Buddhism.
The score is written with great wisdom and is certainly among the vertices of the symphonism of the cultured world tradition.
In it, the language adopted, has assimilated with rare skill the compositive research of the ‘900, and shows, in each sentence, a personal style, linked to the geographical and cultural origin of the composer, in particular the pulsating rhythm and solar cantabile that can turn into a melancholic or passionate one. Furthermore, it is clear that Maestro Fasanini has a great executive experience.

Unlike some abstract composers, who sometimes forget to mediate between metaphysical ideals and executive pragmatism (and therefore propose inexecutable and unmanageable scores), Fasanini manages with a solid technique and craftsmanship (in the most eloquent sense possible) the complex formal architectures that he creates.
The garish timbral vivacity, guaranteed by a varied instrumental score (which I report below), creates in my opinion a continuous and always new interest in the listener, moved by the sound narration. Luca Tessadrelli



2 Flutes (1 Flute / Ottavino – 2 Flute)
2 Oboes (1 Oboe – 2 Oboe / English Horn)
2 Clarinets (Sib)
2 Bassoons
2 Horns
2 Trumpets in C
Gong, Triangle, Cajon,
Drum, tubular bells

6 Violins I
5 Violins II
4 Violas
3 Cellos
2 Double Basses

Luca Tessadrelli:

Cover: Sara Quida  
Olio su carta
A4 (21×29,5 cm)



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