Voices of the soul, solid concert

Voces del alma, concierto solidal
Música, danza y poesía para las madres de Africa

The concert will be held to support the mothers and children of the maternal and child health program run by L’Africa Chiama Onlus in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

With the artistic direction of Alejandro Fasanini And the collaboration of: Anissa Gouizi – Caterina Colombaroni – Elisa Ridolfi – Yvonne Mendy – Valeria Visconti – Stefania Paterniani – Andrés Langer – Giacomo Dominici – Ivan Gambini – Stefano Fucili – Riccardo Bertozzini – Alma Gitana,  Dance company Flamenca of Lara Andrés



  • Voci del’Anima 1

    Voci del’Anima 1
  • Voci del’Anima 2

    Voci del’Anima 2
  • Voci del’Anima 3

    Voci del’Anima 3




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