Review “Tentación Tango” Magazine “El tanguero” Italy

If Piazzolla were still alive, his music would now probably be very similar to what we hear in this beautiful work by the “Hijos ilegitimos de Astor” Orchestra. A name that is not random and, in our opinion, more than appropriate to describe in three words their music!

The CD consists of 14 songs beautifully performed by nine excellent musicians, and was arranged and conducted by the Argentinian Alejandro Fasanini. Finally an album that pays tribute to Astor Piazzolla without representing his old hits, as often happens, but carrying out the complex operation to draw inspiration from the music of the Master but trying to go beyond it, by adding a contemporary flavor and producing only original pieces (two of which also sung by a strong and persuasive female voice). Not a small thing … and, we must admit, a really interesting result!

The CD comes complete with a booklet graphically well-maintained, containing pictures of the musicians and the lyrics of the two vocal tracks. And we listen and listen to it with great pleasure! The call to Piazzolla is strong, but there is much more inside: a bit of classical music, contemporary music, and a touch of jazz. A group that has its own personality since his first album.

Magazine “El Tanguero” – Andrea Dedó




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